Reviews – Public Presentations

Winter Night Club, November 2016
Mr. Steve Adelson provided an enlightening and entertaining presentation to the Colorado Springs Winter Night Club on the Battle of Little Big Ground entitled “Contested Ground”. It was obvious to all that Steve is not only a gifted historian, passionate educator, and Little Bighorn scholar, but also an accomplished speaker. He has a unique way of fully engaging the audience to paint the picture of the events leading up to the Battle of Little Bighorn and the battle itself. His detailed knowledge of the physical battlefield, the players on both sides and their personalities created an exceptional walk through history for our members.

I enthusiastically provide my recommendation of Mr. Steve Adelson and his presentation on the Battle of Little Bighorn – “Contested Ground”. It is suitable for a wide variety of audiences, and provides a fascinating historical insight into a part of our American history.

Brian A. Binn, President Winter Night Club 719-502-0962
November 2016